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Benzinga Professional provides you with real-time headlines and analysis covering everything from micro- to macro-cap companies across all sectors. Coverage includes earnings reports, M&A, IPOs, rumors and much more. The Pro desk filters out the noise to deliver only important coverage that is moving the markets.

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Accurate Data

Benzinga Professional offers you the most reliable data on Wall Street. With access to this data that's powering major financial brokerages, you can build models without concern that one-time adjustments will distort projections.

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Real-time Audio Alerts

While setting up and executing trades, it can be hard to stay on top of the market's breaking developments. Benzinga's audio stream will alert you to breaking news, rumors and unusual options activities so you're primed to profit.

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Investigative Research

Take advantage of Benzinga's network of Wall Street Analysts, Instituational Managers, and company Executives to get the first look at unusual activity and market rumors. Ask questions and get exclusive analysis with Benzinga Professional's 1-on-1 chat access.

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