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Thank you! This IS awesome!
ROKU just paid for the subscription!
I bought ROKU 130 CALL JUN 26 due to the scanner tipping me off. Bought only 8 of those top of the morning.
Ok, enough trade talk. Glad I joined.
- A Happy Benzinga User
I think your platform is legit the beat out there right now. Nothing as clean and easy to navigate then Benzinga Pro. I'm gonna get the news out there for you guys.
- Michael
I was completely croon on trading and options as of the 23rd. I was up 7k on the week Lost a little yesterday so above 5k and my goal is only 500 a week I have a fulltime job so I am just looking to trade part-time a few days a week I did that having no clue what I was doing just using BZ Pro and watching Day trading live on youtube.
BZ Pro already paid for itself 50 times over
I keep reading on Reddit how your service is making them money finally so I wanted a free trial. Basically, I've been losing money like crazy and I'm desperate. If I see that your service helps me make money I would without doubt signup.
- Jesse
First, thank you for everything you do for the room in Benzinga. I know I am not the only one to tell you this but just the knowledge that is dropped daily is amazing. Not to mention the picks. I have been profitable almost every day since being on Benzinga thanks to you.
- Michael Lewis
Your appearance on yesterday's PreMarket Prep made it my favorite episode so far. Benzinga is the best resource that I've come across as an amatuer investor. I've been able to pay off 80% of my graduate school loans thanks to early investments I made as a 19 year old.
- Tadeh Ghadimi
Great customer service and love your product. Thank you so much again.
- Michael Porter
Thanks Ryan. I found your tutorial site yesterday. You have done a terrific job setting that up . It's exactly what I was looking for and I didn't realize you had prepared it. I have never seen such a comprehensive and simply presented course in anything in my life. Kudos to you for your effort
- Deena Milgram
THANK YOU SO MUCH!! It's this kind of information i can't find anywhere else...i see those Form 4's and try my best but this explains it for me. Thanks for helping the little guy in this crazy game!
- George Gallo
The site has it all. Instant news Squawk, Scanners, Options Information Earnings Calenders, Conference Call info. etc etc. To say the least, great Admin that listens to your concerns and responds to them in a timely manner. The chat room has helpful experience that you would expect to have to pay extra for. All traders experienced and Inexperienced can have takeaways in this room. I've also seen great cameraderie develop in this room with the helpful dialogue between all
- A Happy Benzinga User
I love Benzinga pro! it's definitely a tool I'm going to implement into my trading! Thank you very much!
- Jose Cartagena
Hey no problem, you guys are great. And thanks for letting me make some extra money on the side. keep doing what you guys doing
- Dynisious Rajan
THANKS! Love Benzinga Pro - Trading without it would be like trading blind.
- Emily Will
Awesome job with all the webinars. Truly appreciate learning how to best utilize the platform with all the tricks you share. I could go on and on but would run the risk of sounding like a starry-eyed middle school girl. Great job with Benzinga!
- Jose Cartagena
My name is Daniel Schneider and I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know just how much Benzinga has meant to me in my early investing career . I am an older guy that didn't have any knowledge really about the stock market and like all the new retail investors out there was excited about this new bull market we have . But I went into it all wrong and learned the hard way losing allot of money and when I came across Benzinga and started listening to pre-market prep my knowledge started to grow, I first learned about RLT (Reallifetrading) and Jeromy Newsome on your show and they have been a godsend for me learning the market, etc and to add to that listening faithfully every single day on either podcast or on YouTube watching Joel, Dennis and Spencer has taught me so much. I also very much enjoy having you on once a week on Fridays and have learned from you as well. I started out by a paid subscriber to PRO but sadly I could not afford to pay for RLT, Charting software, etc., and keep Benzinga-pro but I did totally enjoy and felt that it was a great tool to have and hopefully will be able to utilize once again in the future. I simply wanted to say thank you and keep up the great work.
- Daniel Schneider
This is the best tool a trader can get and they also have great customer service I love Benzinga pro
- A Happy Benzinga User
I was getting around .25-.75% daily returns on my portfolio but then I started watching pre-market prep and the power hour and my returns have actually tripled daily since watching and learning with Benzinga. I cannot recommend all of their products enough. From their morning shows to the SPAC attack. Everything is a must-watch for serious investors.
- Jon
I'm dedicated to being a part of this community. Learning from Benzinga staff has changed my life and the income resulting from what I have absorbed has been fulfilling to my confidence. I started investing in stock 2 years ago, but only started trading 10 months ago. I now make fewer mistakes, better decisions, and know how to do more diligent research. I am a result of Benzinga's success.
- Joe Benjamin