How to Find Market News for Day Trading

Thu Nov 12, 2020, 09:44 pm | by Delaney | No comments

If you’re an aspiring day trader, then you probably know that market news is key for finding trading opportunities. That’s where a professional stock market newsfeed comes into play to help you filter through the noise and find opportunities.

In this blog post, we’ll breakdown why day traders need stock market news, what to look for, and how to find it using Benzinga Pro.

Why Day Traders Should Use Market News 

Why should day traders use market news? 

The simple answer is that news events move stocks. When you’re a day trader looking to capture price action, looking at news is key to discovering new opportunities. 

Additionally, news events can cause volatility and volume for the stock. Higher volume is important, so the stock is more liquid, making it easier to buy and sell the stock at your price target. 

News catalysts are events that often affect stock prices—positively or negatively. 

What Market News Should I Look For? 

There are a lot of news catalysts you can look for that you can use as a starting point for finding opportunities. In this blog, we’ll outline a few of the different, common news catalysts you may find. 


Earnings season typically results in a spike in trading activity. If a company beats or misses earnings expectations, there can be increased volume and price action. This could be a great time to analyze these stocks and see if it is something you want to trade. 

Breaking News

A more broad category, but it’s always a good idea to look out for breaking news that might affect a stock, such as new product offerings, mergers and acquisitions, and other big news.

Take Greenland Technologies Holding Corp, which traded higher after they reported it will offer integrated electric drivetrain systems to clientele to support electric forklifts using lithium batteries.

Biotech Keywords 

Biotech stocks are ripe with price action and could be a sector to look at for potential opportunities.

Some keywords to look for include:

  • Primary endpoint
  • Topline results
  • Statistically significant
  • Lifts clinical hold
  • FDA approval
  • Clinical hold
  • Phase 1
  • CRL (This is related to the FDA requiring more information)

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How to Find Market News in Benzinga Pro 

If you’re looking for real-time market news, you’ll want a stock market Newsfeed to get timely news, such as Benzinga Pro.

At the core of Benzinga Pro is our Newsfeed. The Newsfeed is in real-time and you can easily customize it to fit your trading needs. Additionally, you can create multiple Newsfeeds for different uses.

You can easily filter the Benzinga Pro Newsfeed by:

  • Sources (Can be color-coded, too).
  • Categories (Can be color-coded, too).
  • Sectors
  • Watchlists
  • and Keywords

You can also create watchlists and turn on desktop notifications in Benzinga Pro, too.

Additionally, the Benzinga Pro Squawk is a great tool to get audio alerts to key headlines and breaking news.

Get started with stock market news for day trading when you sign up for a Benzinga Pro trial. All you need to do is click here—no credit card required for sign up!