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Beginner’s Guide to Stock Splits

Fri Dec 27, 2019, 04:01 pm | by Abbey Polin | No comments

As a trader, from time-to-time, you may come across a stock split. While a split may not seem like a good thing, it’s not necessarily the case with a regular stock split. According to Investopedia, stock splits allow companies to[…..]

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How to Understand Option Alerts

Tue Dec 17, 2019, 07:58 pm | by Delaney | No comments

Options are notoriously known for being intimidating to traders—but they don’t have to be. Before trading options, a good way to get a grasp on them is to start by understanding option alerts.  However, you don’t even need to trade[…..]

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BigBeat’s Rules of Trading

Thu Dec 12, 2019, 07:47 pm | by Abbey Polin | No comments

Steven “BigBeat” Orr, Senior Vice President at Benzinga and a trader with 27+ years of experience, has shared the set of rules he follows to find success in the market. These rules great whether you’re a new trader or have[…..]

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Beginner’s Guide: How to Start Day Trading

Tue Dec 3, 2019, 05:26 pm | by Delaney | No comments

You may be wondering how you can make some extra income, start a new hobby, or just simply learn something new. Maybe you’ve seen day trading in the news lately, and want to get started.  Day trading is the buying[…..]